What They Are Saying About President Trump’s “Great” Jobs Report

Fortune Magazine Contributor Annalyn Kurtz: This Month’s Jobs Report Contains The Biggest Pickup In Goods-Producing Jobs Since 2000 With Construction Jobs Growing By 58,000 And Manufacturing Jobs Growing By 28,000. “Biggest pickup in goods-producing jobs since 2000, with construction jobs rising by 58,000 and manufacturing increasing by 28,000.” (Annalyn Kurtz, Twitter Feed , 3/10/17)

Jared Bernstein, Chief Economist And Economic Advisor To Vice President Biden: “Strong Jobs Report Re Jobs/Wages.” “Strong jobs report re jobs/wages! Some weather effects: Feb’s NON-seas adj gain in construction largest since Feb 1968.” (Jared Bernstein, Twitter Feed , 3/10/17)

Source: gop.com